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The legend of saffron…

The Saffron, which has always been used to colour the paintings and the glasses of windows especially in Milan, the homeland of the yellow risotto, has a curios legend. According to this legend, a young skilful glass maker was often preparing colourful golden paints using saffron. He worked at the Saint Ellen glass wall of the Dome in Milan. For this reason Valerio, his craftsman, gave him as a nickname “Saffron”. When the daughter of Valerio got married, the young boy was to pour to buy her a present and so he went to the wedding reception holding in his hands two big bowls of golden risotto, inventing that day the risotto “Milanese style”. It was a big success and it is nowadays an appreciated dish of the culinary culture of Lombardy region.

To start

Prosecco Valdobbiadene Col de Mez Soligo Extra Dry. Euro 05.00
Franciacorta Mosnel S.A. Euro 07.00
Champagne Tradition Brut Gaston Chiquet S.A. Euro 10.00

In case of any allergies or special dietary requirements,
please do not hesitate to let us know. 


Marinated salmon with tangerine, Puntarelle chicory,
cauliflower, sauce of beetroot

Euro 14.00

Baked red onion, breaded chicken and zucchini,
Roccaverano robiola cheese fondue with Oliverd saffron

Euro 13.00

Mushrooms, radicchio, savoy cabbage, hazelnut sauce, crispy rice with pepper
Euro 15.00

Truffled omelette, carpaccio of wild boar fillet, autumn leaves,
chestnut brioches bread and candied red wine

Euro 13.00

Raw king prawns “Pizzaiola style”, black olives, milk cream
Euro 15.00



Buckwheat ravioli with Bitto cheese and savoy cabbage in mushroom broth,
Porcini mushrooms, dried beef with juniper

Euro 15.00

Single gnocchi of potatoes and chestnuts, braised pigeon, beet greens, pumpkin, red wine and pomegranate sauce
Euro 14.00

Home-made legume tagliatelle with croaker fish and king prawns,
sauce of tomatoes and potatoes (on request with corn pasta) 

Euro 15.00

Rosemary and sage risotto, soup of broccoli cream, Oliverd saffron pearls,
walnuts and steamed beet greens

Euro 14.00

Home-made gemelli pasta, sea truffles, Padano saffron, broccoli,
confit cherry tomatoes, croutons of garlic bread with dill

Euro 15.00



Monkfish rolled in Nori seaweed and Finferli mushrooms,
tomato sauce, turnips, rice timbales 

Euro 22.00

Turbot, fermented smoked black tea, Zafferanza saffron cream, crispy cauliflowers, dried tomatoes, beet greens
Euro 20.00

Baked croaker fish, candied pumpkin purée, parsley foam,
fried leeks, potato pie

Euro 20.00




Grilled beef fillet, black cabbage sauce, rosemary mayonnaise,
sautéed seasonal vegetables
Euro 25.00

Baked lamb chops with herbs, pumpkin mousse, hazelnuts,
mushrooms, toasted polenta
Euro 25.00

Braised red partridge with grape, truffled wine sauce, potato pie
Euro 20.00



Bar snacks


Small tasting set - 4 pcs Euro 7.00
Full tasting set - 8 pcs Euro 13.00
Cheese tasting is served with fruit and vegetable preserves


 Persimmon and chestnut iced moussed, rosemary dark chocolate 
Euro 7.00

Grapes, black grape tarte tatin, concord grape sorbet,
tartlet with red wine wort and gooseberry sauce
Euro 8.00

Mousse of Braulio Reserve liqueur, apple tart, vanilla cream and coffee powder
Euro 7.00

Caprese chocolate cake, Padano saffron cream, pineapple sorbet
Euro 7.00

Dried fruit mousse, chocolate cream, lemon and sage sauce
Euro 7.00


(Johnnie Walker Whisky, Martini Rosso, Angostura Bitter)

Whisky, red vermouth and angostura, for a classic of mixology.
We age it in oak barrels with the solera method and serve it with an orange and ginger chocolate and one with rosemary.
10.00 euro


The autumn menu



Zafferano Bistrot
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