The legend of saffron…

The Saffron, which has always been used to colour the paintings and the glasses of windows especially in Milan, the homeland of the yellow risotto, has a curios legend. According to this legend, a young skilful glass maker was often preparing colourful golden paints using saffron. He worked at the Saint Ellen glass wall of the Dome in Milan. For this reason Valerio, his craftsman, gave him as a nickname “Saffron”. When the daughter of Valerio got married, the young boy was to pour to buy her a present and so he went to the wedding reception holding in his hands two big bowls of golden risotto, inventing that day the risotto “Milanese style”. It was a big success and it is nowadays an appreciated dish of the culinary culture of Lombardy region.

To start

Prosecco Valdobbiadene Col de Mez Soligo Extra Dry. Euro 05.00
Franciacorta Mosnel S.A. Euro 07.00
Champagne Tradition Brut Gaston Chiquet S.A. Euro 10.00

In case of any allergies or special dietary requirements,
please do not hesitate to let us know. 


Beef carpaccio, burrata cheese from Andria, valerian salad and asparagus sauce
Euro 15.00

Mousse of veal, olives and capers with green beans, radish and purple potato leaves
Euro 15.00

Raw amberjack, rhubarb sauce, croutons, green pea sprouts and agretti
Euro 16.00

Apollo rice, dandelion, purple asparagus, tomato mayonnaise and fried flowers
Euro 13.00

Salmon and chard terrine, sweet and sour spring onions and peppered bread
Euro 15.00



Risotto with camomile, veal cooked at low temperature, gravy and courgettes
Euro 15.00

Potato gnocchi with spring flowers, cream of carrots and sage, courgettes
Euro 14.00

Ravioli filled with beef rib meat, green pea gel and Olyverd saffron
Euro 14.00

Maltagliati pasta, white fish, nettle, cherry tomatoes, almonds and marjoram
(on request with corn pasta) 
Euro 15.00 

Tagliatelle pasta, mint, salmon and its roe, asparagus and stracciatella cheese from Andria
(on request with corn pasta) 
Euro 14.00




Baked seabream, barley salad, white melon and Padano saffron sauce, carrots, courgettes
Euro 23.00

Tub gurnard, spring onions, baked cherry tomatoes with aromatic herbs, green pea puree
Euro 22.00

Grilled amberjack, courgette flowers, borage pesto, baked potatoes
Euro 25.00



Beef fillet, cherry tomato and cucumber salad, sautéed agretti, baked potatoes
Euro 25.00

Baked quail, elderflower drops, green pea puree
Euro 20.00

Potato wrapped veal fillet, aromatic herbs, San Gavino Monreale saffron,
carrots and courgettes 
Euro 23.00





White chocolate mousse, “Chiacchiera” fritter, loquat sauce
Euro 7.00

Dark chocolate “Cremino”, raspberries, basil

Euro 8.00
“Mimosa” cake 2019, Chantilly cream with Zafferanza saffron, strawberry coulis, pineapple
Euro 7.00
Lavender and mallow iced mousse, candied dried fruits, gel of “Vin Santo” sweet wine
Euro 7.00
Tartlet with strawberries and rhubarb, apricot and rosemary sauce
Euro 7.00


(Johnnie Walker Whisky, Martini Rosso, Angostura Bitter)

Whisky, red vermouth and angostura, for a classic of mixology.
We age it in oak barrels with the solera method and serve it with chocolate.  
10.00 euro




Bar snacks

Themed menu with flowers 


Zafferano Bistrot
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